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Sea adventure!
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A Sea Odyssey with Name and Name

A Sea Odyssey with Name and Name

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Wiggle into your Wetsuit and Dive into an Underwater Adventure.

Explore the underwater world and the animals that live in the big blue sea. Together, with Sheldon the sea turtle, choose one or two children to be the main character(s) in this fantastic sea odyssey. With help from other sea creatures, they seek to solve the mystery of some long lost treasure.

Along the way, we meet playful dolphins, a dancing clown fish, a hammerhead with great eyesight, shy seahorses, a giant sperm whale, and an octopus who sprays ink in to hide something at the bottom of the sea. What could it be? Perhaps, it might be the treasure...

A wonderfully entertaining book with beautiful drawings of sea animals that will boost your child's language skills and knowledge about marine animals.

Autor: Anna Dybdal
Autor: Paula Repo
Ilustrador: Jonas Sonne

Rango de edad
3 a 5 años
24 páginas
delivery time
7-10 días hábiles
En stock
En stock
Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label
Tapa dura, papel estucado 200 gr.
Tapa dura, papel estucado 200 gr.

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